Edible fashion stars on Tokyo runway


Japan’s fifth Tokyo Sweets Collection has drawn hundreds of sweet-toothed spectators to its annual runway fashion show.

Nine of the country’s top patisseries were asked to produce an assortment of sweet fashion creations for models to wear on the ‘cakewalk’ in the banquet hall of the Shinagawa Prince hotel.

Most chefs chose to create edible head gear, but delicious goodies could also be seen covering shoes, bags and parts of the models’ dresses as well.

Patisserie chef Toshi Yoroizuka told Reuters the intent of the exhibition ‘is to create something that will inspire and look beautiful’.

Whilst taste and flavour remain a key component to ‘cakewalk’ success, the main challenge for the chefs is to create haute couture that is visually appealing.

‘Well, sweets are a kind of cuisine so of course the most important thing is taste, however, for the fashion show, well, for example it’s not about cooking the macaroon for the best flavour but rather making it beautiful, even perhaps cooking it to be a bit harder than usual, the intent is to create something that will inspire and look beautiful,’ Mr Yoroizuka said.

For chef Asterique Kouichi Izumi, fashion confectionary is a potential business prospect.

‘Well until now traditionally the head piece worn by brides has been made of fresh flowers, but in the last three years I have had four to five orders to make a headpiece that uses the same confectionary flowers,’ Mr Izumi told Reuters.

Much to the disappointment of hungry onlookers, the outfits on show at the Tokyo Sweets Collection were not available for sale to either wear or eat.


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